Patient Centered Care

Mission & Vision

The people we serve are our number one priority.

We offer services that foster hope by lifting the barriers to recovery, improving health and building a better tomorrow. We Care Daily Clinics saves lives and offers increased access to care for people who want to recover from opioid use disorder. Our goal is to provide the best quality service and care for our patients and members of the greater Auburn community.

We renew hope and purpose for those battling opioid use by removing barriers to treatment, providing a holistic approach to recovery, and utilizing evidence-based treatment to restore healthy living.

Providing Hope.

We help lift the internal and external barriers to recovery that individuals dealing with substance use disorders often encounter.

Finding Purpose.

We strengthen skills and relationships that are essential to meaningful daily activities and a life worth living.

Improving Health.

We help restore physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being using evidence-based practices.

Providers & Leadership

We Care Daily Clinics is a collaborative operation. It is overseen by the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, one of the leading Office-Based Opioid Treatment Programs in the county for Native Americans. Nationally recognized by the Pew Research Center for excellence in behavioral healthcare. Clinics are operated by Indigenous Pact Collaboratives, a managed service organization that partners with AI/AN communities to support public health initiatives and increase health equity.

Tom Hutch, MD, FASAM

Medical Director

Dr. Hutch completed his medical training in Family Medicine at Swedish Medical Center – First Hill in Seattle, where he then taught residents as a faculty physician before working with underserved patients and those experiencing homelessness in local community health centers. He is passionate about addressing systemic causes of behavioral health disorders and addiction, and served for years as a county jail physician with Public Health – Seattle & King County. As Medical Director at We Care Daily Clinics, he aims to improve access and quality of care in substance use disorder treatment through an individualized approach to harm reduction and recovery.

HaeMan Song

Clinic Administrator

Hae Man Song is We Care Daily Clinic’s administrator. Hae Man brings a great deal of experience in behavioral health to his role. He has previously served as the Regional Director of Behavioral Health Services and Behavioral Health Director for Opioid Treatment Programs and Office-Based Opioid Treatment clinics. Along with that, he was a Social Service Specialist and Supervisor of Substance Use Disorder Services for Pierce County Human Services. Additionally, Hae Man has served as Clinical Supervisor for multiple behavioral health agencies.

Julie Albright LICASW, SUDP

Assistant Clinic Administrator

With an LICASW and certification in substance use disorders (SUDP), Julie Albright is the perfect fit as the We Care Daily Clinics, Assistant Clinic Administrator. Julie has worked in the substance use disorder field since 2001 in abstinence based and harm reduction recovery. Julie started out as a counselor at New Horizon Care Centers Isabella House for pregnant and parenting woman, then went to Spokane Regional Health District as a counselor and then into administration. Working with SRHD Treatment Services Julie collaborated with Spokane County Detention Services and NaphCare to take Methadone into the jail for patients. In the harm reduction modality Julie found a love and passion for working with patients in opioid treatment programs.

Julie recognizes the importance of teamwork and is grateful for the support of the We Care staff and the organization’s focus on patient care, while looking at new and innovative ways. She appreciates that the management team works to ensure the best outcome for patients, with a harm reduction and recovery focus.

Kalena Towle, MS, MAC, SUDP

Clinical Supervisor

Kalena has been with We Care Daily Clinics since April 2019, before the doors were even open to serve patients.  She was the first counselor hired and now has the privilege of being a part of the management team and the growth and development of We Care Daily Clinics. Kalena has worked in the substance use disorder (SUD) field since 2006 and has served in different modalities of care. Kalena has a passion for helping people who are underserved and started the Auburn Outreach partnership with the City of Auburn. Kalena oversees the SUDP and Peer Teams in the clinic as well as the Neighborhood Center.

Kristal Bremmeyer BA, SUDP

Clinical Supervisor- Mobile Units

Kristal Bremmeryer says that her favorite words of wisdom which also serve as a guiding principle for her are “life on life’s terms,” or in other words life happens to everyone. “I think everything comes with a learning lesson and even if we are unsuccessful, if we get back up and we try again, we can learn from it and we grow.”

As a Clinical Supervisor at We Care Daily Clinics, Kristal has gained expert level experience in the field having worked in a variety of roles in both outpatient programs as a lead counselor as well the family drug court system. Kristal notes she was eager to join the We Care Daily Clinics team after learning about the wrap-around services provided – she says the available patient transport and dog kennels for patients who need to bring an animal with them for treatment lower barriers and create life changing opportunities.

She strives to lead the team with compassion and empathy and to always be an advocate for patients. Kristal connects with patients through lived experience, as she appreciates the real-life obstacles they face each day.

Brooke Gower

Marketing Development

Working in the SUD field since 2006, Brooke Gower understands the highs and lows of the road to recovery. Through positions such as Intensive Case Manager, Certified Substance Use Professional Trainee, and Outreach Worker, she has found a passion in working with people in a transitional period of life.

As a result, Brooke works to guide and support patients in their journey to recovery and she says her experience coupled with her position at We Care Daily Clinics provides her the opportunity to be part of something meaningful. She recognizes being able to connect with patients, to have a positive impact, even if it’s small, can produce profound changes.

Brooke’s persistence and strength within her position have allowed her to see a lifechanging shift in patients (what she calls “magic”). Living each day with profound appreciation, Brooke’s favorite words of wisdom are “always say please and thank you. Gratitude is a blessing.”

Julius Tiangson II, BSBA, RN

Dispensary Manager

Julius Tiangson II currently serves as the Dispensary Nurse Manager here at We Care Daily Clinics. He brings with him an eclectic set of professional experience helping shape his unique leadership style. His experience ranges from over a decade as an Aircraft Designer, to 20+ years of owning and operating a Real Estate Brokerage Firm, to an entrepreneurial venture overseas upstarting a Call-Center. Along the way, he reinvents himself as a RN-Registered Nurse, beginning as an ICU-Nurse, stumbling onto the world of OTPs and progressing to a Supervisory position at a local Seattle & Renton OTP. Of all the unique positions he’s held, nothing is more fulfilling than working as a Nurse and serving the vulnerable population. “I absolutely love working with this population, more so than any other job I’ve held”, he gleams. Julius loves making personal connections, forming and building teams, and sharing his vision of possibilities. Julius is most excited about being a part of a Management Team that is open, innovative, vibrant, and forward thinking.  “It builds a culture of enrolling everyone to see themselves as part of the whole, and that is a space I want to be in”, he says.  Julius holds a degree in Electro-Mechanical Design, AAS-Nursing Degree, and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from Seattle University.

Keira Jack, PA

Medical Provider – Mobile Clinics

Keira Jack is a physician assistant on the Seattle Mobile Unit at We Care Daily Clinics. She has been working in the mental health field since 2013, and graduated from the University of Colorado’s physician assistant program in 2018. She completed a behavioral health fellowship in 2019 and has worked in various settings providing addiction treatment services in Colorado and Washington state. She enjoys working with patients to come up with a plan of care that fits their personal needs and goals.

Jose Santiago MA

MA Supervisor

When touring We Care Daily Clinics as a prospective employee, Jose Santiago found himself at a loss for words hearing how passionate current employees felt about working towards the same goal. With almost two decades of experience working as a Medical Assistant and a past stint as Clinic Manager, Jose has familiarity with the ins and outs of clinic work. He goes into each role with the goal of maximizing his potential and overcoming challenges.

Growing in his position as Medical Assistant Supervisor, Jose is overwhelmed with the support from leadership and his MA team. He feels fulfilled by his work at the clinic – observing patients’ progression over time and seeing their mental and physical states improve.

Jose says he feels capable in his work due to his team, “because they have the confidence in me, and I have the confidence in them.” He lives each day with the mindset that “kindness is timeless” and shows his mantra through his work and personal life as “kindness never goes out of style.”

Jack Cobb

Transportation Supervisor

Overseeing dispatch and the transportation team with integrity and respect, Jack Cobb’s demeanor is both bright and cheerful, and bringing a smile to people’s faces makes his day. If you’ve had an encounter with Jack, you know he’s so good at it! His positive attitude, in combination with his carefully curated wardrobe, radiates joy.

Jack’s degree in Business Management prepared him well for nearly two decades of supervising and managing teams. And his insight brings what Jack calls a “new school” perspective to the We Care Daily Clinics team. Jack prides himself on holding himself and others accountable — reminding his coworkers of their equally important roles in making a positive difference. Jack’s wisdom allows him to thrive as Transportation Supervisor, where he oversees the dispatch and systems management of non-emergency medical transportation.

Jack credits his mother, Earlene Hawkins, for instilling the joy of giving back to his community: Her lessons of honesty and integrity, especially when nobody’s watching, have guided Jack in both his personal and professional life. We are so fortunate to have Jack as part of our team!