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We Care App

The We Care App connects patients, clinicians, and the clinic team all in one place – helping to ensure no one walks their recovery journey alone. The App is a web-based application, not yet available through your phone’s app store. To get started, click on the Login Here button below.

How It Works

With an easy to use app, all the details of your recovery journey are at your fingertips.

Pathways & Rewards

Reward yourself as you work towards recovery. Your efforts deserve celebration, and using the We Care App helps you track your progress.

Resources & Assistance

When you need clinic resources, relevant information, or updates from the We Care Clinic, you can check out the Resource page for the latest in happenings and support.

Ride Scheduling

Need a ride to the Clinic or Neighborhood Center? Visit the Ride Scheduling page for pickup locations near you. You can also schedule a ride for peace of mind.

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