Comprehensive and Personalized Treatment at We Care Daily Clinics

Why Choose We Care Daily Clinics?

We model our opioid treatment program to show that an improved lifestyle is obtainable. While we are one of many pathways available to individuals seeking aid with opioid use disorders, we truly believe in the real difference our clinic can make.

Complete a physical, leave a urine sample, and start your medication.

Choosing We Care Daily Clinics means that you or your loved will:

Deciding to seek assistance and prevent further use of opioids is a difficult step. Our team is equipped to make the pathway toward a drug free life attainable.

  • share in the decision-making process in creating a treatment plan

  • experience dignity in all aspects of care

  • feel secure in a safe and comfortable clinic environment

  • receive evidence-based treatment from a compassionate team

Our Services

We Care Daily Clinics is a Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) facility that uses FDA-approved medication paired with behavioral health counseling. Our treatment plans are built around you in a supportive, safe environment to create a personalized pathway to recovery. In addition to treatment, we offer the following services and amenities to remove typical barriers to treatment:

  • Planned patient transportation

  • Family & Social Supports