We Care Daily Clinics two-week check in


As stay at home orders and shelter-in-place regimens remain critical at this time, the staff and leadership team at WCDC are working to stay up to date with policy shifts and safety concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are still operating with the utmost integrity to abide by these dynamics as well as service our clients safely. As April transitions to May, we still have a lot of changes and positive progressions at WeCare. Here’s what we’ve been up to in the past two weeks.


Last week: We had our record week of dosing! Growth is occurring in a safe and manageable way and that is very exciting, we will continue to monitor the amount of dosing and client services we provide and how the numbers shift, grow and change. Additionally we are adding to schedule refinements and preparation for staff remote work.

This week: We are focusing on cleaning practices for additional strategies to keep dispensary windows and the lobby area sanitized and safe. The WE2C2 Lightstrike sanitation bot is running and ready to strike! We are setting up a bot schedule for PPE sanitation for our staff.

Looking ahead…Leadership at WCDC are working to have only essential personnel at the clinic as well as getting a majority of the clinic working from home safely. We will be doing daily check-ins with our team to make sure we are doing everything we can for our stay at home workers and ground crew in the clinic.

Goals next week are to have telemedicine SAHMs solutions set up so that our providers can communicate and help our vulnerable patients.

4/20 week:

This week we have continued with process refinement and stabilization. Tent check-in, registration and cleaning standards are being monitored and shifted to ensure highest efficiency and cleanliness for our clients. Within the clinic we have moved PPE’s and cleaning supplies backed by a dispensary with a tracking system for a continuous cycle of PPE’s!

Finally WE2C2 is up to bat every day at 1pm. The lightstrike WE2C2 daily mask cleaning regimen occurs everyday at 1pm for all staff and team working inside the clinic.

Coming this week!

We are setting up new schedules for providers to work through telemedicine. Updates soon to come…

We are also toggling with experimentation of lab turnaround rates. Hopefully we will find a process that expedites test results and clinician review for our clients.

We hope you all are staying safe and healthy at home!