WCDC Bi-Monthly Update

Things have been going smoothly and safely here at We Care Daily Clinics! With most of our staff working from home, we are minimizing patient-provider contact while also being able to provide the best care and counsel we can. So far our telehealth and work-from-home operatives are going well, so we have less risk of our staff and patients moving forward.

The check-in tent is still operational with patient flow management going well. The WE2C2 robot is on a daily schedule of sanitizing PPE’s and rooms and doing great! Additional marking has been placed in the clinic to remind of the “6 feet apart” rule. We have staff working to provide safe transportation to and from the clinic for patients that otherwise cannot access travel accommodations. So far we are attending to safety precautions and the pick-ups and drop-offs are going well. With managing telehealth, patient conduct, clinic flow, and work-from-home we are developing a schedule for cycles for or medical providers, counselors and other staff. As we move forward with telehealth and patient management at WCDC our current directive is to continue to educate patients on safety measurements, protocols, and updates. Reminders to stay 6 feet apart while minimizing contact with others and maintaining a safe, client-focused environment are our next steps.